Rob Kupec does Slovak Christmas

Since exploring more of my genealogy  we now do a “traditional”  Slovak Christmas Eve Dinner.  It includes sauerkraut soup and cracking open wall nuts to see what the next year will bring.  It is also tradition to set an extra place setting for dinner in case any travelers happen by.  When Quinn was little he would keep looking at the window for travelers.  After dinner we take a ride and look at Christmas lights around town.

Rob Kupec

One thought on “Rob Kupec does Slovak Christmas

  1. Hi Rob, I have a son named Bob Kupec
    I remember it well the Slovak Christmas eve dinner was a traditional event
    when I was growing up. We had sauercrat soup, mushroom soup (polevka)
    the singing slovak Christmas carols, (Chas Radosti, Ticha nots, Narodil sa Christus Pan and many more I just can’t remember them at this time.
    , the oplatki and honey, then we went to midnight Mass.
    That was in Coaldale, Penna growing up.
    Mike Kupec

    Spring Hill, Florida

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